Best Personal Finance Tips

Teaching Your Teen to be Financially Literate

Financial literacy is the facility to apply skills and knowledge to make wise financial decisions. Gaining these skills and knowledge is an ongoing process that begins in childhood.

Most states don’t have financial literacy requirements in education. It…

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How Do Banks Make Money?

Do you wonder how exactly banks make money? Banks always seem to have pretty nice buildings and many of the skyscrapers in larger cities have the name of a bank prominently displayed on the side. Even better, the employees are always well-dressed. It’s…

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Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples

Estate planning is frequently challenging, regardless of your relationship status. But estate planning can be much more challenging for same-sex couples. Every state has its own laws, and some of those laws can make it either impossible or very expensive…

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Estate Planning Essentials for Women

Most of us don’t look forward to dealing with estate planning, regardless of our gender. But estate planning is even more important for most women since, in many cases, they live longer.

This means that women must manage living expenses on a single…

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Career Options in Finance

Have you ever wondered if a career in finance is fitting for you? There are so many fields to choose from within the financial sector. Perhaps you’re already majoring in finance and wondering about your options.

Choosing a suitable career is a big…

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Beware of These Top 7 Estate Planning Mistakes

Most people view estate planning in the same way they view a root canal: Put it off until the pain is too great to ignore any longer. Also, those with little income or net worth believe that estate planning doesn’t apply to their situation. But estate…

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Are You a Trading Addict? Learn the Signs

Financial trading can be just as addicting as gambling and drugs. There are actually psychologists that specialize in treating those with financial trading addictions. So although this article can be useful and informative, it shouldn’t be viewed as a…

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A Practical Guide to Becoming a LandlordMaking the decision to become a landlord can be a profitable one. Under ideal circumstances as a…View Post

A Practical Guide to Becoming a Landlord

Making the decision to become a landlord can be a profitable one. Under ideal circumstances as a…

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